B. Madonna


October 17 – November 2
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 7:30pm

Indescribably beautiful and disturbingly powerful, Maureen Fleming's solo performance B. Madonna is a show without comparison. Inspired by the myth of Persephone, Fleming's performance is a meditation on falling and rising in the space between earth and hell. The dim and atmospheric lighting on her movements often transforms her body into an abstract non-human sculpture. As she descends a staircase, a pool of shallow water at the front of the stage creates a stunning mirror image of her motion. Fleming studied the Japanese theatre style Butoh with the master Kazuo Ohno and the precision of her craft shows she is a worthy successor. She often moves at a glacial pace but is nothing less than compelling; when she holds dead branches, twisting and gnarling herself into their shape, the transformation feels honest, complete and real. Philip Glass' haunting score adds to the mystical atmosphere. The show is an unparalleled experience and a wonder to behold.

- John Peacock, Flavorpill