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TimeOut New York - August 20–28, 2009


Maureen Fleming's Dances from Home

There aren’t many dancers as elastic—or as resilient—as Maureen Fleming. Born in Japan to American parents, she suffered a devastating accident when she was two; a bone spur, discovered after another injury years later, would have rendered most unable to walk, but Fleming learned how to heal her body through movement—specifically, the slow twisting and untwisting of the body. For the past 25 years, she has presented bewitchingly slow solo work exploring “the evolution her wounds.” In Dances from Home, a gallery installation and performance-art piece, Fleming offers a retrospective of photography and video, and, for three evenings beginning Saturday 22, she will also perform two works: the new Dialogue of Self and Soul and The Stairs, from 1997. “I am still becoming more flexible every day,” she notes, laughing, “which is even a surprise to me.”—Gia Kourlas

Dances from Home is at La MaMa Galleria Sat 22–Sept 4.