Decay of the Angel - Gente Cariba, September 25, 2003

Peter Palacio, a Barranquillan artist, was brilliant to organize the International Contemporary Dance Season that delighted us at the Teatro Amira De La Rose. When coming out of the performance of choreographer Maureen Fleming the audience had these adjectives to describe the performance: Metamorphosis. Meditation. Dominion of the mind on the body. Plasticity. Magic. The ovations that the artist received from the audience transmitted the same energy of emotion she awoke in them. We asked four people. What is your impression of the performance of Maureen Fleming?

Teacher Alvaro Barrios, Curator of the Museum of Modern Art of Barranquilla
"Maureen Fleming is a dancer who, literally speaking, transmitted forceful emotion to us of an art we don’t yet know. She confirms to us that the classic nude beauty would be incomplete without contemporary contributions as she offers to us, from an extraordinary level, her refined and fantastic performance ".  

Tita Cepeda, Journalist
"When one ignited the lunar light I was surprised, thinking about Japanese things and when Maureen began to glide creating those figures, Ikebana and Origami came to my mind. The cinema of the great Japanese teachers taught us to appreciate the movement arts of that country, including the martial arts as the dancer with the silver-plated saber. It is possible to think about that woman surrounded by veils fleeing by the Rashomon forest. Exquisite ".

Virgilio Montagne, Barranquillan architect in Paris
"I was surprised with the quality of the performance which I attended in Barranquilla at the Amira Theater De La Rose. I have not seen something so sublime in New York nor in Paris for sometime. It was a presentation full of poetry, a perfect assembly, that was united with the wonderful corporeal handling of the artist Maureen Fleming ".

Cecilia Perez, Professor of classic ballet and corporal expression
"It was a work of transcendental dance. The flexibility of the dancer extends the limits of the human body obtaining therefore a state of meditation in movement and therefore a perfect harmony between the being and the body. She was very special ".


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