Residency Activities

Maureen Fleming Company is committed to making artistic opportunities available in the rural communities that it serves in Upstate, NY through their Upstate residency at Pumpkin Hollow Arts Center located in Delaware County and at La MaMa E.T.C. in New York City where the Company has been in residence since 1984 presenting numerous original premiere works and workshops.

For over three decades Maureen Fleming Company's Lecture demonstration, Master Class and Workshops have been offered at venues including: The Juilliard Dance Division, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Trinity La MaMa, Bates Dance Festival, Movement Research, the Laban Institute for movement Studies, Sarah Lawrence College, Perigueux International Mime Festival, Colorado College, The Seoul Institute of the Arts, Brown University, RISD, Jacob’s Pillow Summer Festival and numerous other colleges, universities and festivals in conjunction with performances.

'Regenerative’ Dance Workshop: ‘Dancing the Internal Body’

Fleming shares with us her distinctive approach to sculptural movement, distilled into a unique approach to dance. Fleming adds alchemy and vocalization to the traditional dance techniques of strength, flexibility, and balance. In a disciplined way, she expertly guides to the deepest creative core, helping students to discover and reveal the transcendent that resides in physical from, allowing them to ‘dance the internal body’. Using the human body as the vehicle of personal transformation, Fleming teaches students to utilize subtle movement and vocal exercises to reach the internal body. She teaches core exercises to initiate movement from the innermost layer of muscles in the body; visual metaphors to challenge the way students think and help them to move past the physical from; and partner massage, incorporating shiatsu techniques to increase joint flexibility and unlock blockages of energy. From this deep inner work, students access creative inspiration. The workshop thus allows for a more complete realization of one’s personal vision, be it that of an artist, other cultural worker or ordinary citizen.

Master Class

Rite of Passage: A Residency Activity for Children

Created by Maureen Fleming Company
for New York Foundation for the Arts/
Young Audiences NY

For Children:
The goal of this workshop gives children the opportunity to be present in movement - physically, mentally and emotionally. Because movement does not lie, it is possible to notice if even a part of the body begins to wane in concentration. In this way, through the process of being present, the child is challenged to discover his or her movement potential.

For Teachers:
This hour and a half workshop introduces teachers and student teachers to the art of teaching dance to children. Participants take part in a class in Fleming’s techniques for children with teachers in the role of the child.


Artist in Residence


Beginning with a Fulbright Commission in Korea in 2006 and continuing as an artist in residence until 2011, Maureen Fleming offered classes to all departments at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Fleming Technique, an original regenerative movement and vocal training developed during her Fulbright residency.

These photos taken during the last year of her residency, offer insight into Fleming's original regenerative training methods developed during her five years as an artist-in-residence at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and some of the innumerable wonderful Korean students who studied with her.

Dancers in order of appearance:

Hong Hyuk-hyun, Kang Sun-Kyung, An Sei-il, Kim Se-yeon,

Yeom Kwang-seon, Kim Kyung-suk, Kim Kyung-suk,

Su Kyung-Yo, Lee Dong-jae, Namgung Hye

Syllabi for a Semester Course  

These Syllabi have been taught at Seoul Institute of the Arts, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Cincinnati CCM Dance Division, the Juilliard School, La MaMa ETC and other institutions.



The Changing Role of Art in Society

This one hour-length presentation geared for the college level is composed of excerpts from Fleming’s repertoire. Performed in a studio or a theater, these excerpts are presented with intermittent projected videos, and narratives that deal with the philosophical underpinnings of Fleming’s work and process, its relationship to ‘the changing role of art in society’. This presentation, which coincides with a Q&A was developed and presented at the Juilliard School Dance Division.