Press Photos

{The Archetype}

"One of the principles which underlies my work is the creation of the 'archetype'. An archetype is a universal symbol that embodies a pattern of life experience. For example, in The Sphere, the universal symbol of a circle forms and deconstructs. The image bespeaks a reality beyond the pairs of opposites such as birth and death or pain and ecstasy and contains them in the same moment. The image, encompassing an interface between music and light, creates a state which allows the observer to reflect on their lives and watch the image like a dream."


Fleming's choreography involves a process that she developed and describes as "a meticulous dissolving of 'archetypal moments' through an arc." Fleming records her improvisations and begins the process of identifying the archetypal moments. Through a studied process of dissolving original images one into the other, she documents her choreography in her studio on video, establishing the concept, choreography and title of the work preceding all photo sessions. All choreography photographed in Press Photos is currently available for touring.

The press photos are available for presenters' promotional materials. Please contact Maureen.Fleming@fulbrightmail.org for access to high-resolution photos.

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