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  1. Sponsor must provide scale drawing of the performance space, including precise location of lighting pipes both over the stage and in the house; all rigging and curtains.
  2. In countries where English is not the primary language spoken, the Sponsor must provide a translator for the entire time the Company is in the theatre.
  3. Black dance floor in place covering stage area (mopped, clean)
  4. All stage blacks and hanging goods should be in place prior to Company's arrival in accordance with the drawings provided by Technical Director.
  5. All lighting equipment must be hung, cabled, circuited and tested prior to Company's arrival in accordance with the drawings provided by Technical Director.
  6. The Sponsor agrees to provide stage, sound and lighting equipment as specified herein and listed on the ground plans, lighting plots, hook-ups and hanging schedules as received form the Company Technical Director. All substitutions and changes must receive prior approval from the Company Technical Director. All equipment specified below must be installed in the theater prior to the Company's arrival.


  1. Black box proscenium: minimum dimensions 30 feet width, 30 feet depth, 20 feet height (with black wings and borders)
  2. 1 translucent white cyclorama
  3. level wood floor covered with black marley dance flooring
  4. access to 70 gallons of warm water
  5. hose to bring water to center stage
  6. one full stage black traveller

*Note: Pool can be set up or struck in 20 minutes. Inch-deep pool construction is of 1 inch copper tube-circular frame and black pool liner. Drained with shallow water sump pump provided by company


Company travels with one video projector 5000 lumens; four slide projectors and sound dampening boxes. Projection equipment will be placed in a mutually agreed position. Presenter will provide the necessary tables or structures to accommodate the setup of the equipment.


Stereo Playback System with a minimum bandwidth of 30Hz-18kHz using high quality equipment. Subwoofers are strongly recommended. Recommended loudspeaker system brands are Meyer, EAW, and Apogee. The system should provide even sound field coverage to the entire performance space. A system consisting of Left-Right-Center arrays with apron fill is desirable. The system should be capable of producing a 100dB Sound Pressure Level continuously, throughout the venue, without audible distortion.

The system should have onstage monitoring with separate level control from the house, House graphic EQ, 2 Professional quality CD Players, and at least a 12 channel mixing console. An announce mic and 2 microphones suitable for piano should be provided.

In addition:

  1. 1 grand piano (black)
  2. intercom system with 5 headsets (2 onstage/stage left & right, 1 sound, 1 lightboard, 1 projector)


  1. 1 computer lighting console and competent operator who must be available to the Company at all times the Company is at the theater.
  2. 75 circuits minimum
  3. 60 channels (minimum)
  4. Lighting Instruments must be clean and in good condition: Instrumentlist below is what is generally required for this production. This list mayneed slight modifications in focal length and wattage of some instruments tomeet the specific dimensions of each venue.

    4 - 2 circuit Altman Sky cyc 1k
    7 - 6" Fresnel 500k w/barndoor
    33 - 6 X 9 Lamp 750 W
    15 - 6 X 12 Lamp 750 W
    5- 6 x 16 Lamp 750 W
    4 - 4.5 X 6.5 Lamp 750 W
    2 - 8 inch Fresnel 1K
    3 - 6 inch Fresnel 500W
    10 - 5lb deck plates
    5- PAR 64 flood 1k
    6 - 8' booms w/ bases
    All cable necessary to install the lighting plot



TBA PRE-HANG OF LIGHTS, SCRIM, CYC, LEGS AND BORDERS (Time and crew size sufficient to complete the work) (Company Technical Director at theater to direct the work)


9-1 Company load-in equipment: color, rigging, set pieces, sound
2-6 Focus (LOAD-IN CREW)
7-11 Spacing & cueing - REHEARSAL (RUN CREW)


9-1 Work notes, Finish cueing, set sound levels, projections, set
up for run (CREW TBA)
2-6 general rehearsal (need wardrobe) (FULL RUN CREW)
8pm Performance (RUN CREW)
empty pool following performance


2-6 to be announced with crew
8pm Performance (RUN CREW)
10-1 strike of Company's equipment and load-out

LOCAL CREW: Assumes That Pre-Hang of Electrics, Sound and Legs and Borders is Completed (Please discuss with Company Technical Director)

Load in, set-up & strike 2 electricians *
1 carpenters/riggers *
1 sound technician

Run crew: 2 stage hands
1 light operator
1 sound technician
1 wardrobe
1 projectionist (film and slides)



  1. clean private dressing area close to stage with bathroom
  2. separate rehearsal space available before performance
  3. professional steamer (for 60 ft Kimono)
  4. table and mirror for fast changes back stage
  5. red spotting light

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