Axis Mundi

Fleming’s critically acclaimed solo, Axis Mundi, explores through metaphorical images our search for transcendence whatever it’s form. This evening length work was recently performed in Italy’s Palermo di Scena International Festival in the ruin of a 1000-year old church and Spoleto, Italy’s vast Teatro Nuovo. Axis Mundi is adaptable to both conventional and unconventional spaces, museums and outdoor settings.

"There is an old saying: the body doesn’t lie… But that doesn’t really go far enough. There are times when the body tells a truth so deep that it transforms the way we look at life itself. With stillness, strength and the naked force of one body, Fleming took on the very essence of being.”

-Portland Press Herald

"Maureen Fleming brings the work out of the normal esthetic dimension of dance which does not even land in the usual theatrical narrative, but it sites it into a territory of metaphysical experience.”

-La Repubblica, Italy