After Eros

Maureen Fleming invents surreal movement poetry, bending herself into curving shapes of shattering beauty. In spare elegant sculptural transcendence she pushes the boundaries of the body's expressive potential and challenges the definition of what is physically attainable. Part dance, part sculpture and part dream, After Eros explores our never ending search for what is universal of about the journey of the soul, accompanying text by David Henry Hwang and music by Philip Glass.

"A sensation of danger, of a violence, of a revelation still remains there: that mixing of life and death, of image and flesh, of figure and body that make us a human being, and that Fleming's courage opens for a moment into a fascinating and hypnotic wound."

-La Repubblica, Italy

"Transcends the material world and enters a realm of pure spirit... wondrous choreographic metamorphosis."

-New York Times