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Axis Mundi - Zocalo - April 21, 2012

Maureen Fleming will arrive in Culiacan


Culiacan, Sin. - As part of the XXVI International Dance Festival "Jose Limon", which starts next Monday, the choreographer and artistic director Maureen Fleming, born in Japan but based in the U.S., will present "Axis Mundi" in our city on April 25th. In the presentation to be held at the Teatro Pablo Villavicencio, the Sinaloa Institute of Culture (ISC), the artist invents poetry from surrealist movement and explores, through metaphorical images, a relentless pursuit to discover what is universal about the journey of the soul. Fleming said she suffered a serious car accident when she was two-years-old, along with her mother, an experience that transformed the physical and emotional life of the dancer who has since become interested in knowledge and study of body movement.

After studying in Japan with the co-founder of Butoh dance, Kazuo Ohno and his son Yoshito Ohno, she has continued the legacy of dance that emerged after the Second World War (1939-1945), and traveled internationally on a tour with Min Tanaka. She continued her broad-ranging dance training in the U.S. and by 1984 became a resident artist at LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club (ETC), headquartered in New York, and has done residencies at the Tisch School of the Arts, the Julliard School and the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Fleming is known for her visual creation, which connects with diverse cultures and art forms, for which she has been recognized in both solo and group works, in countries as diverse as Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Russia, Colombia, Brazil and the U.S., to name a few.

She has received awards from the National Performance Network Creation Fund, the New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project and the New York Foundation for the Arts, among others.

The International Dance Jose Limon Festival will begin on Monday April 23 and end on 30th of the same month, in six different locations along and breadth of this region, with many national and international companies, with performances characterized by the search for new trends in dance.